Everyone must feel sometimes like escaping from the busy everyday life and getting away from the great number of commitments and the exhausting tempo in their lives.  And then, when your imagination roams away for a moment to the wilderness which makes you feel relaxed, you probably wonder many times if there exist indeed places which could offer you real transformation and provide for mental peace.

The valley of the Neretva is a land you dream of, it is an untouched part of nature, it is a place where you will feel the call of nature but also meet your welcoming host. The ride on narrow canals and backwaters of the Neretva in the traditional boat is a unique experience which will offer you a feeling of nirvana. 

 People used to be born, to get married and to die on board of such a boat. The boat of the Neretva meant the life and nowadays it means pride and an indelible trace of tradition which fascinates again and again every dear visitor to our valley.

The boat will be guided by your host who will make you familiar with the life in the Neretva, show you how people of the Neretva fish and cultivate citrus fruits as symbols of the Neretva (mandarins, figs, grapes). He will reveal you small secrets of the widely known local delicacies, toast you with wine of the Neretva in a wooden jug and, of course, sing. In that perfect labyrinth of canals adorned with beautiful water-lilies, unique samples of birds live in their hidden abodes, covered by bulrushes and reeds.

And finally, the secret of the sunken town - the lake of Kuti. It must be admitted that no words can describe what one experiences in this adventure which offers everyone the opportunity to discover still not discovered beauties.
The paradise does exist on the Earth!
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